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Energy Literacy in Alaska from Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Energy efficiency is focused on doing the same amount of work while using less energy. Increasing energy efficiency of homes, schools, transportation and power generation systems can be a quick and economic way to decrease the demand and cost for energy. High fuel costs and extreme weather make energy efficiency especially important in Alaska.

Education is essential in the creation of an energy savvy and responsible Alaskan citizenry. Through interdisciplinary units of study that investigate how energy is all around them, why we need energy, and how energy can be conserved, this K – 12 curriculum will give students valuable insights that they can pass along to their families. All lessons are aligned to Alaska English Language Arts and Mathematics standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards.

This curriculum will help students find answers to many essential questions:
  • What are various forms and sources of energy?
  • How do we use energy-What various energy efficiency options are available?
  • Why do we care about Energy Efficiency? How can demand side energy efficiency and conservation and generation side energy efficiency reduce overall energy consumption and why is that important?
  • What direct steps can I take in my school and home to lower consumption?

    ANSEP Pic2

    Students in the ANSEP middle school academy measure the temperature of containers simulating housing.

How to cite lesson plans in this curriculum:

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