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23rd Jan


When you recycle, not only are you diverting from the landfill, but you are also saving energy. Aluminium, in particular, is very energy-intensive to mine and create products, but can be recycled many times with little loss in quality. ...

15th Dec


Winter solstice is just days away, so our nights are long and (sort of) cold. This is a time of year when heating and electricity bills go up, and if you are buying a lot of presents or travelling for the holidays, the added expense ...

20th Nov


  Do you, your family, or your students have trouble remembering to turn off the lights when they leave the room? Download the AK EnergySmart switch covers to cut out and place on your switches to remind them! There are two ...

6th Nov


Energy Awareness Month went out with a bang with the Power Pledge Challenge winners picked! More than 3,600 students from 131 classrooms in 27 middle and elementary schools around the state participated in the 2017 Power Pledge ...

28th Oct


Now that it’s winter and utility bills are on the rise, we wanted to share the top 10 tips to reduce energy use at home, as well as a printable version that you can share with your friends! Eliminate “phantom loads.” ...

2nd Aug


The ads for back to school have already started, so I wanted to put in my plug for choosing some green options in your school shopping and in the classroom for both parents and educators. I saw a challenge from a Colorado group where ...

25th Jul


I spent last week in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Powerhouse Energy Campus taking a training called REcharge Academy with 25 other educators from areas throughout North America. We toured NREL’s wind technology center, visited ...

28th Jun


Have you heard or seen the term “STEAM” more often recently? It refers to including Arts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM + Arts = STEAM) In Anchorage, the STrEaM Academy operated for the first year during ...

20th Jun


Note: This is part 3 of 8 in a series about Energy Literacy to explore the different energy literacy principals described by US DOE and how they apply to Alaskan education. Read part 1 on the importance of energy literacy in ...

14th Jun


Superintendents – we want YOU! Are you in a community that has high energy costs? Are your youth disconnected from their energy use? Do you want a way to educate students in a fun, hands-on way about their energy use? AK ...