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AK EnergySmart Lessons (Grades 3-5)
*New* Energy Efficient House Activity 

Students answer a series of questions to build their own house and have as much money as possible in their bank account after 25 years.  Activity is ready for students to try; the teacher lesson plan and student worksheet are in DRAFT FORM.  Feel free to use and give feedback.

Try out the web activity here | DRAFT lesson plan in PDF format | DRAFT student worksheet

Energy Pathways Reader’s Theater

Students will read and then perform a play to enact how energy is transferred from the sun into usable forms of energy.

Download Lesson Plan in PDF format | Download Reader’s Theater Script

Energy From the Sun

In this lesson, the teacher will provide a basic summary of how energy we use comes from the sun, and students will illustrate an energy flow diagram using provided formulas that outline this process. Students will also write a paragraph to explain their diagrams.

Download Lesson Plan in PDF format | Download Student Worksheet

My Electric Footprint

Students conduct an assessment of how they use electricity in their everyday lives at school and at home. They then consider ways to lessen their Electric Footprint.

Download Lesson Plan in PDF Format
Download Home Electricity Student Worksheet | Download Classroom Electricity Student Worksheet

Energy Conservation v. Energy Efficiency

Students decipher between activities that conserve energy versus technologies that are energy efficient so they can apply these options to their own lives.

Download Lesson Plan in PDF format | Download Student Worksheet

Modern Technology in our Daily Lives

Students will explore historic ways of using and conserving energy, understand how our energy consumption patterns have changed throughout history, and identify ways that our modern technologies can become more efficient.

Download Lesson Plan in PDF format | Download Powerpoint Presentation

 Reading Your Electric Meter

Students will learn how to read the electrical meter at their home, record the amount of energy their household uses each day, and write a science report.

Download Lesson Plan in PDF format | Download Student Worksheet

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