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AK EnergySmart Lessons (Grades 6-8)

Designing Your Energy Efficient House Part 1: The Heat Loss Equation

Students will explore the mathematics behind building an energy efficient house by using the equations that builders use to calculate and design the insulation needed for houses.

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Designing Your Energy Efficient House Part 2: Modeling Your Energy Efficient House

Students use a computer model to explore how different choices made when designing a house will effect energy consumption, costs and savings.

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Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

Students learn the definitions of conduction, convection, and radiation and perform a science experiment with different cups to compare how well they insulate against the cold. Once the experiment is complete, students will graph their results and draw conclusions from the experiment. In the alternative student worksheet, all students use the same vessel but each group uses different insulation to prevent heat loss. It also has a different format where students complete the worksheet directly instead of writing it out on another piece of paper or lab notebook.

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Be An Energy Star: Electricity Use Assessment

Students will investigate how much energy various household appliances use (using a Kill-A-Watt meter or provided values) and will determine electricity costs in their community. Once they have obtained these values, they will calculate the cost of running these appliances for certain periods of time and compare these costs to other communities. With certain appliances, such as a coffee pot, students will compare the cost of leaving the pot on all day to buying a latte. Students will also explore what the calculated cost of energy depends on in their specific community or region.

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Filling the Cupboard and Freezer for the Winter – How Much Energy is Needed?

Students will produce a mini-cookbook on the different ways of processing and preserving food based on interviews with community members and online Cooperative Extension Service resources.

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Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Students will work in small groups to collaboratively create a vision for an Energy Conservation and Efficiency Club in school. Each group will present a summary of energy saving options and ways to engage students, teachers, and community members.

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