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AK EnergySmart Lessons (Grades K-2)

Thick Coats and Sleeping Bears: How Alaskan Animals Stay Warm During the Winter

Students will explore energy conservation by looking at different ways that animals stay warm during long, cold Alaska winters so that they can apply those strategies to their own lives.

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Energy Collage

This activity helps K-2 students become aware of the things they use every day that consume energy by identifying cut-out pictures of objects as using energy or not. Once their art project is complete, they can discuss their pictures with the class and come up with ways to reduce their energy use.

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Phantom Load Detectives

This lesson is designed to help students become aware of appliances and electronics in their homes and school that use electricity when they are plugged in, even when turned off. These devices are known as “phantom loads.” Nationally, approximately 5% of energy use goes to power phantom loads. With this knowledge, students can take measures to save electricity and stop wasting money in their own homes.

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Emily the Energy Saver

Students practice their reading skills by reading and illustrating a story about the importance of energy efficiency. They then answer questions to demonstrate reading comprehension.

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Alaska Energy Map

The goal of the lesson is to give students an idea of the fuel sources for electrical generation on which we currently rely as well as the diverse energy resource potential existing throughout Alaska. Students will cut and paste energy symbols onto an outlined map of Alaska, and onto a pie chart, matching where they need to go with outlined shapes. This art and math project will also include some geography, with certain key energy locations named.

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Supplemental Materials

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