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Alaska-specific resources

AK Energy

This website highlights energy efficiency events, resources, and programs across the state. It also has sections specifically for Educators and Students.

Alaska Native Knowledge Network’s Village Science

This resource provides activities and lesson that relate to skills, tools, travel, and shelter, and it captures day-to-day living in rural Alaska.

Alaska K-12 Science Curricular Initiative

Free lesson plans which address topics including Properties of Matter, Motions and Forces, and Energy Transfer and Transformation.

Alaska Resource Education

Free lesson plans related to energy, forestry, and mining in Alaska.


A curriculum that focuses on Arctic climate and interweaves Native and Western perspectives. Some of the materials are energy-related such as the Community Energy Plan (located within the Stewardship Projects).

The Alaska Energy Wiki

This is a great resource for information on energy in Alaska.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

AHFC’s website provides information on their energy programs.

Cold Climate Housing Research Center

CCHRC conducts research on energy efficient design and construction in northern climates and develops energy efficient prototype homes.

Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska

Created by the Alaska Energy Authority and Renewable Energy Alaska Project, the Atlas is a valuable resource for learning more about energy resources in Alaska.

Alaska Energy Efficiency Map

This interactive map highlights energy efficiency projects and building around Alaska.