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Outside/National Resources
KidWind Project

The WindWise Education is a 6-12 curriculum free to view online. The 19 lessons cover everything from basic energy to siting wind turbines.

National Energy Education Development Project (NEED)

Informative energy education lessons and resources for a wide variety of topics.  Download the Energy Info books for your grade level to get some fantastic background information for you and your students.

PBS Learning Media

Search the PBS Learning Media: Universe for lessons in STEAM areas, create your own quizzes, and use interactive lessons for your classroom. Check out the 9-12 “Earth’s Energy Budget” for a slideshow on whole-earth energy flow or “The Math of Energy” videos.

National Academies of Science

Their website “What you need to know about energy” is interactive and includes easy-to-read information.

U.S. Energy Information Energy Kids

The website provides energy and energy efficiency lessons, games and background information on teaching energy in the classroom.

Energy Star

The Energy Star website has fun facts and lesson on everything related to energy: what it is, where it comes from, types of energy, and how it can be conserved.

PowerSave Schools

The Alliance to Save Energy has free lesson plans as part of their “PowerSave Schools” program that include developing an energy plan, learning-based games, engaging parents, and more.

Let’s Go Solar!

This website has kits for teaching about solar energy, but also has information on solar in different states, including a simple break down of solar in Alaska.